Campbell County Gallery


This room contains some great historical pieces.  There are too many to describe in detail, but some things to look for are:


Please note the 1838 beaver top hat.  It is interesting to note that the hat box was deemed twice as valuable as the actual hat when we had it appraised more than 10 years ago.  While the hat definitely dates to at least 1838 - there is newspaper layered inside bearing that year - the hat box might be made earlier as it was common to apply multiple layers of paper over time. In an effort to preserve the hat box in its current state, we have never attempted to remove any of the layers of paper to discover what dates might lurk underneath.


The pink upholstered Rococo Revival sofa was a wedding gift from General James Dearing to his wife, Roxanna.  It has never been recovered and the original horsehair still fills the seat.  It came to Avoca through their daughter, Mary Lucretia Dearing Christian.