Campbell County Gallery

     This room interprets the English-speaking history of Campbell County. There are many interesting pieces displayed here, but here are a few of the highlights:

·    Above the mantel, you will notice three land grants representing this area, two of which were owned by Col. Charles Lynch.

·    Notice the exhibit on Gem. James Dearing, the last Confederate general officer to die in the Civil War. This exhibit holds many pieces related to him and his family. While he was originally the heir to Avoca plantation, Dearing’s sister was named heiress after his death.

·    The Confederate battle flag was carried by the 58th Virginia Infantry Regiment. The regiment’s commander, Col. Francis Board was purportedly wrapped in this flag following his death at the Third Battle of Winchester in 1864. If one looks carefully, apparent bloodstains are visible.

·    The pink upholstered Rococo Revival sofa was a wedding gift from General James Dearing to his wife, Roxanna.  It has never been recovered and the original horsehair still fills the seat.  It came to Avoca through their daughter, Mary Lucretia Dearing Christian.