Reproduction of Colonel Charles Lynch’s Cabin


This building is a reproduction of the cabin built in the mid-eighteenth century (ca.1755) by Charles and Anna Lynch upon moving to the property.  It was the family residence until the late 1700s when Col. Lynch built Green Level on the same site of present day Avoca.  The original cabin stood close to the river until it was moved to a field north of the main house (where Abbott Laboratories stands today) to be used as servant housing.  Originally built of logs, the Lynch cabin was weather boarded in the 19th century.  The only photographs of the cabin are from near the end of its existence.


This cabin, made of Pine, dates to the 1880s and once stood near Gladys, in Campbell County.  The original cabin would likely have had a wooden roof.  The logs are interlocked at the corners with a dovetail cut, preventing them from moving in any direction.  The dovetail was the most common form of notching used in Colonial Virginia. Thanks to the generosity of the Powell Foundation, this cabin was moved to Avoca in 2005 and carefully reassembled.