Education Programs at Avoca Museum

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Photo by Comstock/Stockbyte / Getty Images

Photo by Comstock/Stockbyte / Getty Images

 Colonial Life & Culture


Discover what it would have been like to grow up during Colonial times. Students explore Colonial life through living history interpreters, hands-on activities, games, crafts, and artifacts-all in an 1800’s log cabin or brick kitchen. Grades K-4 will have an opportunity to try on period clothing. Other options include a demonstration of Revolutionary War musketry and a hands-on learning opportunity pelts, bones, and feathers of Eastern Woodlands animals.


 Life during the Revolution

(Grades 3-5)

Students will be introduced to life during the turbulent times of the American Revolution. Learn about the every day life of soldiers and colonists by trying on clothes; examine food, shelter, schooling, and medicine of the time.


Photo by kschulze/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by kschulze/iStock / Getty Images

The Civil War: Homefront & Battlefield

(Grades 3-6)

Learn what it was like to live as a slave, civilian, or soldier during the Civil War. The Civil War education programs offered at Avoca Museum are closely aligned with Virginia SOLs. Choose to experience a Civil War musket-firing demonstration, “meet” Brig. Gen. James G. Dearing, see wool spun into material for clothing, or hear the story of a person enslaved here in Campbell County.


* Program can be modified to suit the needs of multiple grade levels

Photo by KD Taggart/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by KD Taggart/iStock / Getty Images

 A River of Time: Native American Life in Virginia

(Grades K-6)

Learn about the lifestyles of the Native Americans living in and around Central Virginia before the arrival of the Colonists. Students will focus on the Saponi and Monacan Tribes.


Other program offerings:

 A Family Legacy: Colonial/Civil War Graveyard Exploration

How Does your Garden Grow? Colonial Medicine

House Tour

All education programs are priced at $5 per student. Each program contains three presentations. Each additional presentation is available at a cost of $2 per student. There is no charge for teachers or chaperones, as space permits. Programs generally last 1-1 ½ hours depending upon factors such as scheduling, age and the specific program.  Programs can be tailored to your specific requests and interests, and specialized programs designed upon request.

 Students are invited to eat lunch on the lawn and are encouraged to bring a towel or blanket if they do so.  Outdoor games are available upon request and with the assistance of teachers or chaperones.  Opening of our Gift Shop is available upon request and gift bags can be made as requested.  We will be happy to provide pre- and/or post-visit activities prior to your field trip upon request. 

For additional information, questions, or to schedule your field trip please contact Michael Hudson at (434) 369-1076 or