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   Educational Programs

Elizabeth Doan, Education Director


  • All programs meet Virginia Standards of Learning Objectives!
  • Schedule visits at least two weeks in advance. 
  • Contact Education Coordinator, Elizabeth Doan (434)-369-1076.
  • Admission fees are $3.00 per student. One adult chaperon for every ten students is required and is admitted free. Several weeks before the museum visit, teachers receive packets of information which include pre-visit and post-visit activities for the students. The packet outlines the specific standards of learning objectives met by the program.
  • All programs include Pre- and Post-Visit activities.
  • Please let us know if you would like to add a house tour when you schedule your visit. An additional fee of $2 per student and adult will be added. House tours generally take about 45 minutes.  
    Let us know if your group would like to picnic on the lawn!

Avoca Education Programs

Colonial Life & Culture

(Pre-K - Grade 6)

Discover what it would have been like to grow up during Colonial times! Students will explore many aspects of Colonial life through hands-on activities, games, and artifacts.

Life During the Revolution

(Grades 3 - 5)

Students will be introduced to life during the turbulent times of the Revolutionary War. They will learn about the everyday life of soldiers and colonists by examining the clothes, food, schooling, and games of the period.

Civil War: 
Homefront & Battlefield

(Grades 3 - 6)

The 1860's come to life! A living history interpreter will describe the lives of women and children on the homefront, soldiers in the camps, and African-Americans longing for freedom. Students will learn about plantation life, interpret artifacts, and tour a Victorian home.

Enter the Gilded Age: 
Victorian Life & Times

(Grades 4 - 6)

A living history interpreter will explain the daily activities of a Victorian middle class household; from the duties of the parlor maid to those of the master of the house. Students will discuss the Civil War, examine Victorian clothing, play Victorian games and tour a Victorian home.

A River of Time: 
American Indian Life in Virginia

(Grades K - 9)

Learn about he lifestyles of the American Indians living in and around Campbell County before the arrival of colonists. Students will examine clothing, food, tools, and dwellings of the Saponi Indians and discuss the impact of Europeans on American Indian society.

Westward Go! with Lewis & Clark

(Grades 2-8)

Students will trace the steps of the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804. We'll discuss the unknown geography of the West, the American Indians they met, how they bartered, what they ate, and much more.

All Aboard the Bateau:
Transportation and the Bateau

(Grades 2-8)

Students are introduced to the bateau, an important form of transportation in the 18th and 19th centuries. Focusing on the role of African-American river boat pilots, students have the opportunity to board Avoca's own replica bateau and experience the life of a river man first hand.

For Gold and Glory  (Grades 2-8)

Why did the first groups of colonists leave Britain for the New World?  What was life in Jamestown like?  These questions and more will be answered in Avoca's new program focusing on life in Jamestown, Virginia. Students will learn about the challenges faced by the early colonists; the lives of the women, children and servants; and the interactions between the Colonists and the Powhatan people through living history interpreters, discussion, hands on activities, and examination of artifacts and reproductions of everyday items.


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