Fauntleroy Gallery 

     The Fauntleroy Gallery contains one of the largest collections of projectile points in Virginia.  Much of the collection was found locally and was organized by Juliet Fauntleroy, a family member and local school teacher.  During the Great Depression, “Miss Juliet” would give her elementary school students a nickel for every arrowhead they would bring her.  Most of the artifacts found locally are attributed to either the Saponi, who lived in Central Virginia more than 300 years ago, or to other travelling Native American groups who frequently used the nearby rivers as highways. 

     The gallery also boasts a hands-on exhibit containing grinding stones and tools, bones, and furs from animals historically found in the fields and woodlands near Avoca. The artifacts displayed here range as far back as 12,500 years.

     For many years, this room was used as a “birthing” room and later become the boys' bedroom.