The Sue Jackson Visitor’s Center

     It is believed the Sue Jackson Visitor Center was built between 1850 and 1860.  It housed the Fauntleroy family after the main house was destroyed by fire in 1879.  The west side of this building was given to the Dearing family after 1880 and moved to the Otterbourne plantation, approximately 1.5 miles north.  The east side remained and was used as a plantation office.  In 1900, the main house was again destroyed by fire and the west side, currently housing the Green Level Gallery, was reassembled after being moved from elsewhere on the plantation.  It is believed this section of the house was built shortly after the Civil War.  After the property was given to the Town of Altavista, the building was restored thanks to the contributions of the Powell Foundation and the John E. and Sue M. Jackson Charitable Trust.