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Avoca Museum, located 25 minutes south of Lynchburg and just off of US 29, is seeking student-volunteers for a variety of service opportunities. Avoca is a landmark on the National Registry of Historic Places because the property is the home site of Colonel Charles Lynch (1736-1796), a colonial planter and who distinguished himself as lawmaker and soldier during the turbulent Revolutionary Era. Additionally, the museum grounds are the site of an ancient Native American civilization and the site holds significant Civil War, Gilded Age, and architectural history. Avoca Museum has a diversity of culturally inspiring volunteer opportunities available:



Applicants who have interest in public speaking, tourism, hospitality, and history would be well-suited for this volunteer opportunity. Docents give guided tours of our gorgeous Queen Anne Victorian mansion to our guests. This position is a very low-stress one and the work is performed in a pleasant, climate-controlled setting. Volunteers would give tours on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (11 AM-3PM) and on Sundays (1:30PM-4:30 PM) and their schedule is based upon their availability. The museum is open for tours from April to October, so please factor that into your decision. 



Volunteers are needed for service in Avoca Museum’s Gift Shop. This type of position would be perfect for someone with retail experience. Gift Shop volunteers receive training on very basic cash register operations and the work is performed in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment. Volunteers would operate the shop on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (11 AM-3PM) and on Sundays (1:30PM-4:30 PM) and their schedule is optional. The museum is open for tours from April to October, so please factor that into your decision.



Avoca Museum is casting for a volunteers to portray roles at our evening Lantern Tours every October. The actor or actress will be provided with talking points and historical data to present, but the “script” would be written and performed by the actor/actress themselves. This would be an excellent opportunity for a Theater major and would be a great addition to one’s resume’. Avoca is casting for an African-American male and a Native American female. Costuming is provided. Avoca is also seeking tour guides for this event, but the museum would be unable to provide more than four hours of service opportunities for that task.



Avoca Museum receives about 1,000 school children on field trips each year. The museum prides itself on the level of quality that its education specialists provide for these groups. Volunteers present on historic topics – usually related to civilian and military topics of the Colonial Period and Civil War – for these field trip groups on on our Student Event Day held on May 5. Students are living history interpreters or who have or who plan to work in a public history setting are encouraged to apply. This position would also be a perfect fit for teachers in training or retired educators.



Avoca Museum is renown for its lovely Victorian gardens and Arboretum. These gardens need a great deal of attention and much of the work cannot be performed by our local volunteers who are too far along in years to complete some of the tasks. The museum has work that needs to be done outdoors throughout the year. This area represents the museum's most pressing need!



Avoca Museum decks its halls every year for Christmas in a big way! Volunteers who would find it fun to string garland, decorate Christmas trees, and ring in the holiday season are sought for this opportunity. Some moderate lifting is required. The decorating is usually done between Thanksgiving and December 1 and hours are flexible.



This would be a perfect task for a history buff! Avoca Museum has a wealth of historic information that has yet to be sorted, categorized, and interpreted. There is simply too much of it for the museum’s lone full-time employee to sort through along with all of his other duties. This work is completed in a comfortable office setting and can be done at any time throughout the year.


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